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Monrovia, Liberia



The month of April is a blessing month in Liberia as it is a month that starts our rainy season. During the dry season which starts in October and ends in March, we have problems with water. As Liberia lies on the Atlantic Ocean our drinking water is very poor. The water is salty during the rainy season as there will be no water at all during the dry season. We covered many miles looking for water especially within our areas. This month is a blessing month as we get water from the roof of our houses for washing our clothes at least. Please pray with us to have water around our areas as a water well cannot be dug around our church building in the place I am living because of the water being too salty. During this month in deed the Lord helped us to carry out many works that promoted His kingdom. At the start of this month, we saw the hand of God directing us in the following activities:


As you can see can see in the photos below the school building is moving forward in the fastest way. Last month we ended the building at the window level, but the Lord has been providing the energy and funds, and we are almost at the cable end of the entire building. Over the weeks we have been very engaged in casting the pillars and lintels around the school building. As the Lord provides the funds, we bought the cements, rocks, planks, steel rods, and many other items needed for the casting of the poles. Each of the buildings we do has to be filed with dirt as Monrovia is founded in the swamps. We have been also buying dirt to have the school foundation filled. The school building might be finished before the end of July. The work even extended into the church as we are yet to complete the church building. We had bought some planks and plywood and nails to complete the ceiling in the church. Men and women have been working on both of these buildings and were able to complete the church ceiling.  There are a few things left to be completed in the church: plastering insider and outside the building, painting inside and outside the building and building a pulpit.  Please join us in prayers for the provision of more funds to complete the church and the school building and for the Lord to provide for us a place where we can get good water for drinking and washing.



The leadership training is ongoing in the ministry. We have more than twenty leaders that are taking trainings in the church as we envision having many of them sent out to the villages we have been preaching and teaching in to establish churches or branches of our ministry. Our training is based on leadership qualification and missions. The training takes place at night as we now have a generator for we are without electricity in our community. Leadership training is on Friday nights while the Sunday school teachers training takes place on Saturday nights of each week. Liberia is made up of fifteen counties of which we have fully established in one of the counties, Monteserrado county, Monrovia. We will structure our leadership for the church in Monrovia and send some men and women leaders in the next five to six months out to establish churches in villages where there are no churches and where there is a great need for people to know and come to Jesus. Previously, we identified about five to six villages that urgently need churches as many are dying within these villages without Christ Jesus. We have groups already there that come together on each Sunday to worship, some under the trees while others are in their houses. Our leaders are ready to go once they are equipped with whatever is needed.



The worship has been so anointed in our church services. We have about two days of worship and two days of Bible teachings every week. It has been amazing, in all of our worship there are more than 50 people that have given their lives to Jesus.  Three people were healed during prayer service in the name of Jesus of demonic possession and malaria respectively. I find joy in any of our worship as the Spirit of the Lord gives the anointing among the saints. In one of our worship Sundays, our generators went off and needed repair as it would not start. We had no power for one hour while I asked the congregation to have the matter placed before the Lord Jesus; when we did, we indeed realized that the machine started and we had the power in a wonderful way in the rest of the remaining hours.   The 50 people are ready for baptism and are going to be baptized in the month of May. Our membership in the church is increasing to the extent that we have about 189 persons attending service each time we gather together for worship.



We did not have any village ministry this month as we have so busy working on the school building. We were however, able to preach in our community to a group of men of which about 12 people accepted Jesus. We had a lot of plans to have a village ministry trip within this month but we could not as we had a lot of work on the school building. We are planning to have a village ministry next month as our work on the school building is getting less and less. We hope to visit about 12 villages in the month of May by the grace of God. However, reports from village meetings are indicating that we have about eight places that people are coming together under trees and some in their respective houses to worship on each Sunday. We need prayers for funds to have structures built for these people to worship under. I was able to visit about three of these villages this month but I did not preach or teach.  I was able to meet with the leadership of each of the group in the three villages that I visited.



The Samuel’s Call International School staff have been training the children in both the school and the church. The children of our church we are talking about are the orphans we have taken in. We have more than 60 orphans in the church and all of them are living with our members. The orphans lost their parents during the war of Liberia.  The orphans still on the streets have lost their destiny as they live with people who do not care for them. The kids work or sell for strangers and are left without food or pay all of the time; they sleep in streets and find food many a time on dust bins. We have been involved in talking children from the streets of Monrovia, but we lack the funding to feed them and house them too. It is the aim or goal of this ministry to have kids identify their call and destiny too.

Both the Samuel’s Call International School kids and these orphans have been taking a series of trainings in the church building for the upcoming program called The Children's Day on one of the Sundays in our church. Children will be involved in preaching, singing, reciting bible verses, dancing and showing off their educational performances in the month of May on the 24th. The school children are very excited as they see their school building going up so well.  It given them a stronger will to learn more and to accept our training. Please do pray that we will have all of the support needed for this program that is ahead of us and that the children will be more desirous for this training to properly identify their call respectively.




In the month of May, the 19th- 26th I will start an awesome mission on my village ministry. I will be visiting about 12 villages and I will preaching and teaching in those villages. I am going with a car that will need funds for fuel and maintenance. Please, we also need prayers for safety during our ride on bad roads as it is just my heart beat to see many come to Jesus and they should not die without Christ.


We hope to have the school building completed so soon. Please pray for the workers to have more strength and more passion to do the work of the Lord. We will be roofing the building so soon.






                                                                 Worship in our church


At Left: Dirt to fill the school building

At Right: Filling the school building with dirt

Carrying the wall of the school

Casting the poles of the School Building

Casting the linters and ending the wall height




  Putting in the church ceiling




Today, my sister Orita is now confident about being in church. Over the years she had refused to go to church and always felt ashamed standing or sitting among people. Orita is crippled and cannot walk till she holds crutches or sits in a wheelchair. She had a dream of a snake swallowing her and when she woke up she found out that she could not walk properly again at the age of 13. I thank those that prayed for her and those that are thinking about assisting her more in her walk with Jesus today.




THOUGHT FOR THE MONTH:   Job 22:28 You shall also decide and decree a thing, and it shall be established for you; and the light of God’s favor shall shine upon your ways.