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Over the month there were several activities that took place in the ministry, Bible Pathway Mission-Liberia as we all keep praying and supporting the ministry in Liberia. We had the first semester closing program of the Samuel’s Call Elementary School for two weeks and it’s reopening. Four communities were reached with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We hosted a youth conference in one of our communities. We broke ground on digging and building of the school foundation. We held leadership training; we added instruments and a pa system to our in church worship. Cherie and I have been studying the word of God to know the answers of many doubts in our hearts and Cherie and Kennedy faithfully joined Pathway Mission-Liberia, Inc movement.


On the 8th of February, the Samuel’s Call Elementary School which is supposed to be renamed to Samuel’s Call International pretty soon had its closing program for the first Semester academic year.   The program entailed of opening prayers, reciting Bible verses, songs or music, dancing, quizzing competition and preaching the Gospel to the student body. Many of our kids were involved in these activities as it is one of the many reasons this school was established. It is our passion that we see these kids become pastors, missionaries etc. to reach the world with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ even though He is coming soon! There was a donation of $200.00 for refreshments for the children. The doner is praying to join this ministry too. We had about five children that recited five to ten Bible verses, ages 5-8 years old without looking in the Bible. One student, age 12, recited 20 Bible verses without reading from the Bible. It was amazing to see the community’s leaders and other church members shouting with joy to applaud these little kids. We enjoyed an hour of praise and worship songs and music as we now have a PA system donated by one of our partners. With the PA system fixed and music being played, oh it was an amazing time with the Lord, for indeed the Spirit of God was with us. The orphans in our ministry were all involved as some of them are in the school. Currently, we have no funds to help take care of the orphans and no housing for them either. Some of our church members along with me have been kind enough to keep them in their homes. The orphans don’t stay with me all the time.

Students were also involved in preaching the word of God and encouraging the other children without parents to come to church, because Jesus can help them have a better destiny. Student Naomi, the children ministry assistant president, explained the power of children knowing God and becoming better people, this was a very powerful message. She indeed thanks Bible Pathway Mission and all her partners and friends in service for giving them a great opportunity to learn and to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

The school closing is required by the government of Liberia and was only for two weeks. Our school is still being held in the church building, we divide the church into classrooms by using the blackboards to separate the rooms. We have very few chairs as many of our students are not able to afford school fees to help pay our teachers. We need help from parents and partners via donations to keep these programs and our school running. Mission schools are not allowed to charge students for school fees even if they have parents. We are praying for donations to help pay our teachers, buy chairs or some type of sitting accommodations, help with uniforms, shoes, book bags, assist the children with lunches and food and many other needs.                                                                                                  





Giving light food to children 


The sound system is a great blessing that can help us reach hundreds of people. Even if the people are not reading bibles, they can come and hear the Gospel and see what the Lord wants them to know. About four communities, in one of the villages we visited, were reached in this month with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Many times last year, I wanted to reach these communities in this village but did not know how and when that would be possible. This month we were able to go. During this program we also found it easy to transport our instruments and the sound systems back-n-forth. In all of the communities visited, about 50 people received Christ or were saved and we are planning to have preaching points built in these areas. Last year, we had about four preaching points established in the villages we visited. They are still without a building and they are worshiping under trees as I receive reports from them every three months. I will have to visit them in March to see what we can do or how we can be of help to them in building their churches. Please take part in saving lives for Jesus, help support our trip in both prayers and financial support for traveling and for safety, as the places we visit are among Muslims and traditionalist; we are in a monitored zone. Our passion or vision is to build about 15 churches in Liberia and to have many more people come to the knowledge of salvation in Liberia.



In the month of February, we had a very important one day youth conference. We have a vision of having a youth camp soon. We are seeing that these days many of our youths are not interested in studying the word of God. They are now more focused on worldly music and football or sports. Sports are controlling the minds of more than a thousand youths today. We are praying that God will send a missionary that has knowledge in sports and that he or she can help to bring the minds of many youths to Christ instead of sports. This conference was a sort of survey to know the hearts of our youth, to find out what they think about the church and what we can do to have many more of them coming to church. In Liberia, 88% of our youths say they are Christians but they are not in church and not reading the Bible, instead, they are reading the news paper about Chelsea Barcelonan and many more teams. This is a risk for their lives and I see that the church has to do something to bring these young people close to Christ urgently. The conference was full of teachings on the importance of God and the value of being a Christian. Oh yes, we need to act so quickly in helping these young people. We had an attendance of 60 young people in the conference. We need support for our next conference ranging from food and water to the renting of a hall and seating accommodations for the participants. We also need some tracts to share with the participants during our conference.



                                       Youth conferences

        Help us to draw the minds of our youths to Jesus.


We broke ground on the foundation of the school February 15th. It was very hard at first when all of the church members and the kids joined in the work. The project is funded by one of our new partners.  Our website is being updated now by one of our staff members located in the United States. This will help to free Pastor Joshua up to focus on the school building project and studying God’s Word and preparing his sermons and also to concentrate on the training and teaching that he does. Pastor Joshua does not have a computer, and so to work on the website and things which require a computer, he goes to a café in town and pays to rent one. This is very time consuming and a waste of resources. The building of the foundation of the school will be a great help to the church as it will help to stop any flooding. You can see the flooding from last year on our website, Pastor Joshua, Jessica Joshua, students and Bobby wading the water during the flooding. It was a great natural disaster that displaced thousands of people in our community. For weeks we were out doors experiencing the cold and mosquitoes. Water came into the church and pastor’s home and many valuable things were destroyed, including the pastor’s clothes, books and food etc.

The school will consist of two buildings which are under construction right now. We know we are experiencing a new beginning right now with the ministry and this has been pastor’s heart and daily struggle that this ministry comes out of the box. God can bring ministries of like minds and like faith together from all over the world. As the foundation of the school has come to an end, we hope soon to see the entire website upgrades completed too. We are currently building the partition of the school building and putting up the walls with a target to complete the building before the end of May or July. Our technician is from the church and most of our workers are from the church. Bobby Joshua is working with them and Agee Joshua often hauls water for the mixing of the concrete when the cooking at home with her mother Jessica, is not as much. We as a family are much focused and work for the Lord in all capacities. We need prayers for the work to be completed soon so that our kids can enroll in the next semester in the new building.

Building of the foundation of the school

Building of the foundation of the school


              Samuel's Call International School will consists of two buildings.



The training of the leaders of the church started on the 27th of February. The founding director is presenting his visions, missions and the ministry structure to the church leaders that were appointed last month. The structuring part has been a worrisome point for the Founding Director, Pastor Joshua. Our ministry is divided into the following structure: the executive (founders), the international workers, the Annual council, the credential committee, the pastors (elders) and deacons (members). We, right now have qualified founders, pastors and an international worker working effectively in the ministry. Cherie started work with us in this month, February, this year 2014 while Pastor Andrew Ngainda started work with us in May 2012. We are training deacons and many other pastors to help replace Pastor Joshua in this local church as his vision is to reach the world. All of the church leaders are serving in departments for now. We have the women department leaders, men department leaders, youth department leaders, the financial committee, the problem solving committee, prayer warrior committee, pastoral board, the ushers, and the music department leaders etc. We need people to help train our leaders and to help in planting more churches in Liberia especially in the villages where there are no churches at all. We also need more workers in this ministry and whether you are Christian, a pastor or a missionary, you are greatly welcomed to join this movement as our heart beat is to take the message of cross around the world. You can help right from your home if you cannot come here in person, you can send support for those of us that are on the frontlines or pray for us, prayer is so powerful.




The purchasing of the sound system/PA system was a great blessing for Bible Pathway Mission-Liberia, Inc. We indeed recognized a great flow of the anointing of the Holy Spirit during our worship with this system added in. Many have been saved and we continue to see many new converts each Sunday we worship. Liberians need to worship with instruments so much and that is why we are blessed to have our church right at the center of the community. The sound system was funded by one of our partners and purchased by Pastor Joshua in Monrovia. We have a keyboard, two sound boxes, a big generator, two good microphones, a mixer and three bobs in the church building. Presently we have a need for the following; chairs or sitting accommodations for our members as the number is increasing Praise God! We need to complete the church building with ceiling, glass windows, plastering and painting of the church building. We would like to have a proper pulpit built as you can see in our pictures that we don’t have one.


                                                                 Above are pictures of worship time in the church.



Studying the word of truths with Cherie has really been a blessing to me. She helps me and I do help her. Pastors can be helped by non-pastors, yes they can be taught. She had some doubts and I had some doubts, but when we come together God’s presence comes on us and He helps us to know what we never knew before and then our eyes are opened to scriptures and doubts are cleared away. Many doubts have been cleared away in our studies together and we think many have indeed been reading our posts on face book and some are being helped too. You see, we are preaching everywhere in our ministry, both on the field and on the internet. It is our passion that many come to Jesus from anywhere and at any time. In our preaching the Holy Spirit divinely joined me and Cherie and I sense that there are always two people with one mind just like Philip and the Ethiopian, living far apart but the Holy Spirit is greatly helping to bring together. Our reading the Bible together is done in the form of chatting, answering and asking questions together and ready to answer questions. Pastors should be people ready to answer questions from all of their members. Please do your best to be available to your members, some of them are suffering greatly because they lack closeness with their pastors and freedom to ask questions. It is our responsibility as Pastors to guide, help and encourage and spend time with them for our objective is that they one day become like us. Praise God!! Cherie is soon to become a pastor and a preacher of the gospel to the nations.

The church members too have been studying the word of God together every Friday, worship on Wednesday and fasting and prayers for women on Thursday





We will continue to build the school in the months ahead and we are aiming to complete it soon. We need your prayers for more support and for God to protect those who are supporting the projects. It is indeed an answered prayer to have a school for these kids in our church. God answers our prayers when we pray, and so has given us Cherie and her family, to work with the ministry. Her presence has helped us to cross many rivers and has opened many doors for us, please come join her in this endeavor she has started.



There will be a village mission trip to one of our villages on the 23rd of March. We will be sending a team of eight people to the village. We are expecting a refreshing power of God there and many more souls to be saved. Please pray for our safe trip there and back and pray for the team to have food, fuel, water and a safe place to sleep if we stay there over night.





                                                                Our Children's Ministry

Preaching with passion.

     So good for children to hear the Word of God.

Word of thought: Be submissive to one another, be given to reasoning, and work hard for your Master while it is day; evil days are ahead whence no man will work again.