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                                                              Pastor preaching in a local church

As we get in the New Year and in the first month of the year 2014, we can see the prophecy that the Lord gave me I believe that this is a time to expect God’s best and to position ourselves to soar out of 2013 into 2014. There is a great anticipation in my heart for what is to come. I sense that 2014 is going to be a year of turn-a-round for many of us as the Lord releases His promises upon us suddenly. Webster’s dictionary defines the word suddenly as: “happening unexpectedly; changing angle all at once; marked by abruptness; brought about in a short time.” There is no doubt in my mind that we are in a season of the unexpected where the events that are happening around us may even seem abrupt and illogical. However, I believe God is accelerating His end-time purposes to bring about a restoration of His glory on the earth before the return of His Son Jesus. Some of these acts are “outbursts of His passion” and the ultimate end will far exceed our wildest imagination!”has come to be true. I can see the Lord answering my prayers that I have made for years as he searches my hearts to see what my passion especially in his work was and to see that his work is done in expansion and not in intensive principles and policies. In this first month of the year the Lord provided a partner of same mind, same passion and same vision to work with me, support the work or gospel of missions in Liberia, and to help the many orphans we have in the church building or children that are going to school. This person was born, for this purpose, set aside for me to work with a by the Lord and destined to bring the people of Liberia to the knowledge of salvation. It is a prayer answering and a fulfillment of this prophecy.

For many years, indeed our struggle was not limiting but always expanding hence contracting all of our efforts to do what we want to do in the service of the Lord. We could not find it so easy to reach the lost, to have photos of our works, and to even start our school building. So our mission was not out of the box but today as you can see the many services down here, you will know that the work has indeed started, a better future is getting brighter and the Lord has chosen someone to gear us up, alert us in and now we are poised to soar ourselves in this year of blessings, 2014.

This month some of the activities that took place in the above ministry include the following:


The school that is to be started its building in March was able to be funded and now we are having about 600 blocks, with load sand. The building of the school will actually start on the 15th of February 2014, we will start with the foundation. We were able to mold the bricks in one week. The molding is done with a mixture of the cement, water and sand. We have about 20 bags of cement purchased as a partner donated for this cause. We are praying for more funds to have our targeted number of 2000 blocks for the foundation of the school. We would have to have about $8000 dollars to complete the building of the school for the many orphan children that are without education. It was our desire to have an orphanage built for these orphans as we even prayed for food, clothing and medication for these poor children that their parents were killed during the civil war in Liberia. Our work in ministry and our concern is to take the children or orphans from the street to give them hope, better training and better destiny. Every month we have a target of 20 children to take from the street, but we could not because of the lack of the support for the children that are needed. We have many other children in the villages that we visited without cloth, shoes, food and many others. The children are to have a children day program on the 8th of February which will involve preaching, reciting of Bible verses, quizzing competition, dancing competition, singing, worshipping, sporting and many among others. Please pray for them as we anticipate the support of the teachers to have their monthly stipend. See photos below:

                                    Molding blocks.                                                                                   Parking blocks



The church was not having a proper leadership structure since two years ago. We were able to organize the leaders into 15 departments which will help us to properly hear from God who can be fit to take the deacon position in the church. In our church the pastors are the elders as they preach and teach, while the deacons assist the pastors, for they do the physical part and the pastors do the both (spiritual and physical). We have been there for able to have the evangelism team properly arranged, the finance department, the sectaries, the women departmental heads, the men departmental head, the prayer team heads, the children ministry, the youth departmental heads, the problem solving committee, etc. we give God the glory that most of them although they are to be trained are now understanding their functions. I hope with this the church can stand better on it pillars of growth and bring forth many fruit as we deem most necessary to have many more saved to the Kingdom of God and many other churches planted in the future. We would need training lessons for these people and some training on church growth including their respective functions.


We today have our Sunday school divided into four classes as we have some people that do not have equal understanding with others. The classes always start on Sunday at 9:30 Am and ends by 10:30 of which the worship service will start and end by 12:45pm. It is amazing to have the women in one class studying the Bible, questions are asked and many explanations are done. Each class will recite a Bible verse and one person will speak out in short the story from the Bible told each Sunday. Our concern is helping many to know the Bible in a lowest form and in an easier way. Our church was able to win about 38 new converts to Jesus and we are planning baptism so soon. The church is praying for a PA system that will enable many other people to hear from a distance and to also help us access current or electricity in the church for other in church administrative works.



Our students have been trained to evangelize or to become missionaries that will reach in our communities and other town as the lord opens the doors more and more. Our student took a march pass during the funeral ceremony of one of late sister, student Magretta Wesseh and reach to many people and children the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Indeed their evangelism brought lot of children in one of the Sunday worship and many among them gave their lives to Jesus. See the photos of the march as we pray for tracts to be given during any of our march pass or hiking ministry that we proposed the next month. Education is a means of quick hand reach of the gospel in the nation, I have seen and understood that so our aims are to have about 15 schools in Liberia that the church will have a fast hand reach of the gospel in our nation Liberia.

                        .                                                                  Students all lined up to mourn with the family.


A youth conference was held on the 21th of this month in our community and I was able to teach the youth for at least 2hours. We taught on how the youth of Liberia can come to Jesus and what the challenges are. We were able to understand that youth are not being trained in their various homes about Jesus and to have them involved there is a need to start hosting conferences in Monrovia and teaching them about Jesus. We have planned five conferences for the month of February this year each of the conferences will cost us $700.00 for feeding the participants. If you may want to support this conference please contact us for the dates and the time of each of the events. Photos will be shared after each of the conference event or program.


                         Preaching at Youth Conference                                     Youth Conference