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Lower Virginia, Red hill Field, P.O box 1764,,

Monrovia, Liberia


It was indeed greatest month that we experienced as the Lord Jesus continued his pouring of more power to do what all he want us to do in the call that he called us. It was a joy to have seen all the below works done and I am much excited during this month of our works we were able to reach souls with the blessings of our Lord Jesus and also greater salvation was reached to the many around us. The works there were done during this month include, the completion of the school building (The walls are all up and the roofing was finished too), the closing of our school program, our Sunday in-church worship and the brushing of the site of the orphanage.

Photo of the closing of the school



A new ministry has started in the Bible Pathway Mission in Liberia call “tell me the Story of Jesus”. These ministries started as we received a donation of a big TV screen to have people see what the stories of Jesus are. We have seen that many other people will only believe when they see for themselves. So we are having people coming together to listen and to see what the works of our king are. We have 100 people at a time come to watch the stories on each Sunday and preaching alongside the message that is been sent out. We thank God for the new ministry as we see it going through the nation.




I want to thank the Lord almighty for his great works he is doing in our lives. The sickness of my mother was a clear way the Lord will want to share to anybody especially me how he is powerful and how he can be closer to us. That morning mom rose from the sleep and started trembling complaining that she was feeling her foot light and thinking that it was going to die. Mom could no longer lift up her foot normally and she could no longer talk to us good and in a second mom feel off. It was a worrisome moment for me as I had no money and already the nation is been attacked with a deadly disease that brought fear in the people not to go to the hospital as any sickness at that time that would be reported at the hospital was considered Ebola. This was a critical moment of my life. I started to pray as I got also on the face book and sent prayer requests to friends, on the pray for me and I will pray for page. Many indeed prayed for her and for me too, the Lord was hearing and he indeed heard us. My wife too was healed during this time finally and she has been well since we prayed. She sent lot of thanks and appreciations to those that have prayed for her and for those that are still praying for her and our family.

Mom is the servant of the Lord, a minister of the gospel. She has served the Lord for more than 50 years now. Both dad and mom are pastors. Mom because of this sickness was taken by me from the village leaving dad where they preach up to now. Dad is all of the time wishing that mom get healed and come closer as they are one body and have committed to each other with faithfulness that till death do them part. They have built or planted about 33 churches since they knew the Lord and they are more ready again to work for the Lord. In this we still hold on the trust that Mom will be able again to work for the Lord and will again walk normally and strong for the Lord is not yet through with her.



Our nation has just come from war which left thousands of people killed, our economy shattered and our homes destroyed. The war left many orphans and many sicknesses but the worst of all that we have experienced this year is Ebola. Right now about 129 people have been killed by this deadly disease and we are all living is sacredness as the president declared our nation under the emergency of state. We are also avoided from gathering yet we thank God that we have not been stopped from worshiping in our churches.

Ebola is a disease that is not cured for there is no medicine for it and there is no vaccine for it at all. Many experts are coming from all over the world to help fight this disease. This disease was contracted from eating bats, monkeys by some people in the neighboring country—Guinea. It was later transmitted through close contacted with an infected person and so it spread all over to another country and today it is right now in our nation. We have lost our loved ones especially there was a church that a pastor accepted one of the infected person for prayers unknowingly that infected more than 20 persons in the church. All of these people are dying right now and the specific church is closed by the government.


We need prayers from everybody that will receive this newsletter for our nation that this disease will be out of our land. Please join us in your prayers that it does not come close to others as right now doctors and nurses are dying right now. We however believe that the land will be healed in Jesus name as we stand before the throne of the almighty.

Photos of the Kids During the Training




                           Telling friends about Jesus




Preaching as a church

Thought for the month:

1 Chronicle 7: 13-15, if I shut up heavens so that there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people, and my people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Now my eyes will be opened on my ears attentive to the prayer offered in this place.