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Monrovia, Liberia



The month of March was a great month in which we saw the Lord’s divine power, strength and manifestation in His church. We saw great out reaches and many other people coming to the great salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Indeed this month was another blessed month, although the devil always stands against any good thing the Lord is doing for His people.



The walls of the school building are now going up as this project was started last month in February. It is amazing to see many people and kids so excited working on the school building. The kids are still attending classes in the church building and it is very difficult to have a proper place to sit as there are no good chairs. We don’t have enough blackboards for teaching the lessons either. Last year the government of Liberia warned that all schools that are hosting classes in church will be closed if there is no separate building. Our prayers were answered as we now have two separate building foundations laid and the first building is now having the walls put up.


Many times the Muslims in the house of both the senate and the representatives threaten to have teaching the Bible in the public schools stopped. They have succeeded in almost all of the public schools as the Bible is no longer being taught there. Children who cannot afford school fees are without any other alternative but to attend these public schools hence risking their Christian foundation while Muslims are continuously building private schools to see their religion spread nationwide. Two years ago mosques and churches were burnt in one of our counties after Muslims and Christians fought. This left many dead which resulted in having a volatile nation of peace and risking peace for our land-Liberia.

Bible Pathway Mission-Liberia understands that the quickest and sharpest means of getting the Gospel to many people should be done through education and village outreach ministries. Our children will grow up in the Lord and they will remain in all of the Christian principles that they are taught. Our kids suffered a fourteen year civil war and many of them lost their parents and presently they can be found in the streets of Liberia selling for people that don’t care and becoming involved in drugs and criminal activities. Such will be a dangerous threat to the peace of this nation if the children are not properly trained and very well engaged.


This school will consists of  (9) nine classrooms for now. We are praying to start the orphanage building so soon as the Lord will provide. Presently we have about 200 kids in the church which many of our members in the church have taken in and are trying to provide for them with what little they have for their own families. We anticipate the completion of the school building before the end of this year and to God be the glory that we are now having our building walls going up.

The works on the church building continued after we had a donation from the building project of the school to complete the fence building around the church edifice. Last year, the church was flooded and this caused a loss of many valuable things both in the church and in Pastor’s home. Many of our church members were scattered, and many of them with all of our pastors, spent weeks outdoors as they were displaced by the flood. The only way we can prevent the flood is by having a fence around the church so the water does not come with speed. Normally, the flood comes within the month of September each year and many homes, not just Pastor’s alone are being destroyed in our community. The capital, Monrovia, lies around the coast land of our nation and many rivers flow right at the center of the city hence having our city right on the water. Many times when the flood comes, children and women suffer greatly as they are attacked by crocodiles, sharp objects and snakes. In one of the instances last year a baby boy was eaten by a crocodile from the water during the flooding. Please check on our website and see the flood last year.



The school and the fence building are done by the members of the church, who volunteered themselves and their time to help build without paying them, as you can see in the photos below:


          student excited for the school                                       Building Team 

excited for the School Building

                                                                    Walls going up on the School



It is very interesting to see how we mold our blocks in our country. We do have sand mixed with concrete and water in a mold box. Three wheel barrow loads of sand take a 50kg bag of cement with 50 to 65 buckets of water. Just after the mixing, we start molding the blocks. Young men from our church come together to work for free in molding the school blocks while the children from the school helped in parking the blocks. The blocks are laid in the sun to have them dry so that they can be ready to use in building a house or our school building.



Making the Blocks

 Many Blocks have been made



To God is the glory that all of our church leaders are attending the three months training to take their proper leadership function in our church in Liberia. The church leaders are trained by Pastor Joshua, meeting each Tuesday at 7pm as we now have a generator that can help us with electricity during the night hours. The training is focused on church administration, leadership attitudes and approaches, and evangelism for our nation. We have about 20 leaders that attend this training of which we have the vision of releasing pastors in the villages where we are to build or plant churches as the Lord opens the doors. We do not believe in a lot of theological training but a basic one is needed of which we strongly believe in the anointing of the Holy Spirit in reaching and touching the leader’s lips and mouth as he or she goes out to preach the gospel to the needy.




Miracles are eminent if we worship the Lord Jesus in spirit and in truth. The greatest miracle, which happened even in the days of Jesus, was salvation given to the man in the world. It is difficult for a man to leave the world and come to Christ so when it happens it is a miracle.

In our church, within the month of March, many miracles took place. We saw the men and women coming to Jesus, we saw many sick persons healed and many other miracles did happen. The time that these miracles usually happen is when we are in worship, as the anointing fell among us we saw the demon possessed freed and many healings. I cannot help but be amazed and wonder, as I see power coming from my hands and healing reaching many, in the name of Jesus. We know that when we come together in worship the Lord Jesus comes among us, touching us in spirit and that all manner of sicknesses are then healed.


 worship and praise 



Our school children do not have chairs at all for classes and many of them have no parents to aid them with any school fees. Teachers as well need salaries but currently we are not able to pay them. So much work is on the pastor as he preaches, teaches and at the same time is principal of Samuel’s Call International School. We have some old chairs that needed to be repaired in order to have good seats for the kids in our in church school. We were able to repair about 66 chairs in total and all of this was due to the support of one family’s donation, the Beltram’s, for the ministry in Liberia. You can join them in the endeavor if you feel God’s call in this direction.

                                             Chair Repairing

                                                                                                                                                  Repairing the chairs


This month village ministry indeed ended in success. It started badly, but all was to the glory of the Father as I stepped into the village of Bomi Hills. Bobby, my son, was on this trip as he loves the village preaching and helping many come to Jesus. He stood beside me with my assistant Pastor, Pastor Ngainda. On the first day of our visit, Muslims threw stones at us claiming that we were there to disturb their peaceful village. Just after I stopped preaching and souls started coming to Jesus at the altar call, stones came from all directions. Two stones hit my son, Bobby, on his foot and cut it open. He had to have stitches put in and is undergoing medication attention for this. The Muslims that threw stones were caught by the police. Later, I made an appeal to have them released at no cost.

The following days we planned another visit to the same village and to the other nearby villages. We met many more people coming out this time to listen to the word of the Lord. It was to our surprise to have seen such a group for our thinking to go had started in fear. We had some songs with them, some prayers and I stood again to preach the word of the Lord with them. About 66 of them gave their lives to Jesus and one of the Muslim guys who was involved in the stoning on the first day gave his life to Jesus also. I have learned a lesson of doing good to our enemies and being more focused on reducing fear and doubts as they came from the devil but remembering to move in full dependence on God and trust Him in all things.

In Lofa, one of our counties, some years back, Muslims fought the Christians to the extent that churches were burnt, mosques were also burnt resulting in many dead. Christianity in Liberia has been a difficult issue as now the Muslims have succeeded in banning the Bible being taught in our public schools.

In all of this, we have a passion to reach our villages even more with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. And to see that we, through the power of the Lord, can bring many to salvation in the Lord and have branch churches established in many of these villages. We still need more tracts, fuel and some funds for the maintenance of the truck that takes us to the villages. We also need your prayers, as moving in the midst of our brothers who oppose to the gospel sometimes becomes dangerous. Please pray that we develop more courage and boldness, all to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please also include on your prayer list the protection we need from bad roads that we drive on in many of our village ministry missions.


 Village ministry photos

                                                               Listening to the Gospel

 Standing to hear from the Lord in Bom






THOUGHT FOR THE MONTH: And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe; In My name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. Mark 16:15-18