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Monrovia, Liberia


It is always amazing to see the hand of God working with one he has called and to see that all He has placed in his hands are clearly evidence of what He said He would do. This month was greatly blessed by the Lord and the progress continues in the work of the ministry. Yes, things will come into place as the Lord is opening more doors to see the kingdom expanding and  seeing that we reach the least before He comes. We know that the time is very short and the harvest should be hastened and the kingdom should be spread all over, especially in Liberia. See below by the grace of the Lord our works for the month of May.

  • The school building walls are all up
  • Our in church worship and miracle service
  • The village ministry in Liberia
  • Training children of the Samuel’s Call International School
  • Purchasing of the land for the orphanage in Liberia
  • Spiritual eye sight of Kennedy


Finally, the school building project which started in February is coming to an end.   Now we hope that the kids will start school in the school building in September. It is rainy season and so we have much access to water now than in February when we began. The casting of the linters and pillars both vertically and horizontally was completed. The twelve lines of the bricks laying are ended too and the cable ends is also completed. We are now praying to start roofing in June as we have already purchased all that is needed. We need your prayers for the work to be completed as it is just hard to do this all alone. We want to thank the Beltram family in a special way for their effort in support of this project in Liberia for these orphans and the ministry. We also want to thank the contractors for the endurance in doing this work without pay. I thank God for the wisdom and the strength He gives me to lead this project just as I am.

Photos of the building






Miracles are bound to happen among us and if we are indeed filled with the Holy Spirit greater things we can do. We worshiped every Sunday this month and during mid-week services too. During each of these meetings, we had preaching, prayers of strengthening and songs of worship and praise. In each of these, we were filled with the spirit of God and we were revived by the power of the Holy Spirit. I have seen a greater change in the lives of many that have been delivered from demonic passions and right now they are with us serving the Lord and enjoying the blessings of God. I want to thank those that joined us in prayers for my mother and wife as they were undergoing serious illness and pains, but now within this month during our worship times both of them got well.

On each Thursday, the women of Faith come together and fast and pray for the ministry, partners in ministry, families, our nation and the church in the world. In one of their prayer and fasting times, they had many testimonies from many other persons that were sick that testified that the Lord healed them and saved them from many temptations.  Every Friday we also have leadership training in our church and a Bible study. We are training leaders that will become deacons and pastors in the mere future to come. We are preaching in villages and establishing preaching points of which we wish to have pastors after they are trained. We have also been working with the children's ministry and they will work with the Sunday school programs we have in the church.


             Photos During our Worship in our Church






The greatest commission is not an option, it is a mandate that we as Christians should fulfill at all times. We should be talking about Jesus to all creatures, for Jesus is soon to return. He is on His way back and it should be our cry not to have many to hell. It is because of these reasons I have been moving with Christ Jesus all over our nation down to the unreached places. Following are some of our activities during our one week village ministry trip to 12 villages for this month:


I gave it a name jungle for Christ because of the bad roads, unreached areas and far away distances in meeting the people that have never heard about Christ. You would not believe that there are more than five thousand people in the jungle in every four to five villages in my nation that have not heard the name Jesus Christ. Indeed, so many have not even seen the Bible, and are yet to know how to find God and what to do to be saved. I have been able to visit seven villages in the jungle or deep forests. Having such a passion to have them saved we drove many places and withstood many challenges. The first challenge we ever met was missing roads that made us stand a risk of not having enough fuel. We drove many miles away from the main road to other places and we had an opportunity to preach to villages that were not in our plans. The second challenge was our car couldn’t go into some of the places that we wished to have reached. We had to walk on foot to reach and share tracts. We were tired as the distances were so far away hence the little liters of water we took with us were all finished. We had trouble driving on the roads for there were many pot holes and it could not easily pass through. We had a very heavy storm that shook our car up and made us afraid as the storm blew. During our jungle for Christ ministry we were able to reach about 34 Muslims and bring them to Christ Jesus.  We made about four preaching points of the 120 additional people we brought to Jesus.


In one town that is around the villages I visited I was able to meet and preach in three churches and I was able to minister to the military police unit too. I was able also to minister in two schools and to so many children. I also ministered to children on the road sides going to the farms. It was indeed a blessing to lead many to Christ Jesus and to see people assembling to hear to the word of God at a point I could call. The military police helped me to reach some other groups as I preached the word of the Lord and also prayed for those that were sick and those working in the farms. It is so good now that we rush in reaching people of all places to bring to Jesus and in helping them not to go to hell as the time is very short for the soon coming of our Lord Jesus. Please join us in prayers for the churches that opened their doors to have a well built structure. I am also planning to have a conference or seminar with the military police of Liberia and other surrounding countries in November.  Please pray that I have the funds to arrange this seminar properly. There is a need to reach the militaries for they have an idea that they are not fit any longer to be Christians and are to go to hell. I want to change that thought and to bring them back to Jesus and to the saving knowledge.


In our door to door ministry, it was amazing as there was healing when we prayed for some people. Indeed, the people that received Jesus that time was 10(ten) and they promised to join the other assembly in worshiping Christ Jesus. It is good to evangelize to families, for one of the lessons I learned was that a church starts in the home. The love of Christ brings unity and begins at home, from there it is so easy to extend to the local church.  Families learning about Christ together brings a lot of change, not only for the parents but also for the children. I want to thank those that supported this ministry in reaching out to people as if those that are saved would have all gone to heal; it would have been a great loss from the kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


As we preached, we slept in our car for we did not have rooms or homes that were good to stay in. Many houses in our villages are roofed with grace.  This time is a rainy season, and as such we are having a lot of rain and many houses or rooms we were given were leaking and so we preferred sleeping in our car for the rest of the nights we spent in our village ministry. We had lot of mosquitoes attacking the rest of the nights and I developed some malaria symptoms and much weakness in me and sores in my throat and all over my lips that I need you all to join me in prayers as I am going through the treatment. I thank God that I never had a break down with my car although the roads were bad and very dangerous. We only realized some minor damages that need repairs and I am planning to have it to the mechanic by next week. Please, you can join me in prayers to have my car fixed for I have many other people to see and errands to do for Christ Jesus.


There were 250 people in total that were saved, and about four preaching points that were made during my village ministry trip this month. Of the four preaching points, three points are hosted under the trees and they are requesting aids to have buildings and Bibles that will help them worship and learn the word of God. It is the greatest need for them right now as they are just starting to know the Lord. Indeed there are other needs standing out there and it is like we need prayers for them that the Lord will provide, especially for the kids that are without parents. They are without clothes, shoes and many other basic needs. There is also a need to send pastors in those villages to preach or pastor the churches that we may build and to win many more to Jesus. Our next village ministry will likely be in November, we would appreciate much prayers to enhance this next trip as the time for the soon coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is now at hand.


Photos of the Village Ministry Trip


                                                                           Reaching the police officers

Preaching while going down the river


On Left:  Praying for the sick

On Right: Door to door evangelism



The Samuel’s Call International School has about six teachers and 250 kids. Pastor Joshua serves the school as a principal and we teach and train these kids many  without salaries. During this year of teaching many teachers left the school, increasing the work load for me as a pastor (preaching, reaching villages) and serving as a principal of the school. We pray that next year the Lord will provide in helping our teachers with salaries or stipends.

The kids are preparing to end their school year at the end of June. The academic year has been a great one as the kids were a blessing to us training them and teaching them academically and spiritually. There are many  children in this school  and most of them lost their parents during the war. These kids have been very involved in singing, learning to preach, sending in their prayer requests, hosting chapels, doing games and reaching out to the lost kids in our community all the while doing all of their academic training. The school will be closed for two months and will be re-opened in September. We are preparing the kids’ report cards and planning a closing day program in which we hope to spread the gospel to the people of our community and even to the other kids in the streets of Liberia.

Photos of the Kids During the Training




                           Telling friends about Jesus




Preaching as a church


The contribution of a partner has enabled the Bible Pathway Mission to buy  land for an orphanage in Liberia. We are now praying for funds for the building of the orphanage and for the digging of the well. We have deeds for the land now and I am doing the probating of the deed with the ministry of justice in Monrovia. We thank God for bringing such a partner into our lives that is determined to see the kingdom of God expanded in our nation and worldwide. We are praying to build an orphanage that will host more than 300 children on this land that has been purchased.


Photos of the Land


 Jessica walking the property                                                                          Surveying the Land





The school building will be completed very soon, please continue your prayers for the Lord can provide the strength and power needed for the work.  Also, please pray for more funds to build the orphanage in Liberia. We however, thank you all for the prayers you have been rendering for the school building and other mission works in Liberia.



My wife lost her sister in June this year and our families are grieving, we want every one that may read this letter to join us in prayers for peace and comfort in the family. Jessica has been so worried over the death of her sister and her blood pressure has been unstable again. She has been rushed to the hospital many a time within these times and now her feet are swollen while she feels numbness in them. Please join us in prayers that she will be healed and recovers from all of this sickness as she has much work to be accomplished in ministry.


Thought for the month:

Thessalonians 5:2-3. Now as to the times and the epochs, brethren, you have no need of anything to be written to you. You yourselves know full well that the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night. While they are saying, “peace and safety” then destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains upon a woman with child, and they will not escape.