April 2017 Missions

It was a wonderful mission trip that had me do many things (missions hand reach) to the glory of the Father from the 15th to the 30th of April, 2017. As a ministry our vision is to have God glorified throughout our nation and Africa through such mission trip or outreaches with the gospel of Jesus Christ, planting churches and caring for orphans or raise up children in the Lord Jesus Christ. This Ambassador or evangelical ministry (Bible Pathway Mission-Liberia) started in 2006 by Pastor Philip Borbor Joshua with his wife Jessica Joshua in a very difficult way.  In all of it, the Lord provided what all was needed till we have a church planted in Monrovia our capital city, and an orphanage started after a land was bought. We have our services on Sundays, Bible conferences on Fridays, and our midweek service on Wednesday every week. We also have women of faith praying and fasting each Thursday from 12am to 12pm in the week after tarrying the whole night on Wednesday. Within the month of April beside our Monrovia based church activities, I was able to have a mission outreach both in and out of our country Liberia.

During the mission trip, the following activities were done:

  CONFERENCE AND REVIVAL: Conference and revival in Freetown, Sierra Leone: This conference and revival was hosted in the Transformation Fellowship International in Freetown, Sierra Leone where there was a great need of reaching the Muslim communities. Sierra Leone is a Muslim dominated nation, there is only 45% Christians and the rest are Muslims with few in the tradition religion. The conference and the revival were for three days and three nights, that is the conference was hosted  for three days while the revival was hosted for three nights. Not less than 200 persons attended the conference and not less than 400 persons attended the revival. The conference was themed “MAKING DISCIPLES FOR CHRIST” while the revival was themed “THE DRY BONES WILL RISE AGAIN” with an objective to win the lost to Jesus Christ. I did all of the teachings and the preaching, I was so much surprised that my voice was not hosted or blocked out of the many talking throughout the conference and the revival. The was a prayer answering from my many prayer partners. The conference usually went for four hours in which we also had refreshments (food for the participants) and lunch was for 30 minutes each day of the lesson. The revival went for six to seven hours each night for we had preaching and deliverance services. The host pastor of this church is my biological brother, Pastor Hallie Joshua and the founding of this church was initiated by me so we now have a sister church in Freetown, Sierra Leone. During all of the conference and the revivals we  the total number of people that got saved were 344 persons while 100 people were delivered out of demonic possession and 23 were healed of sicknesses and many other infirmities. I want to thank you all that prayed for this conference to be a success.

VILLAGE MISSION: The village ministry started when the conference and the revival ended. I started with the villages of Sierra Leone and ended with the ones in Liberia. In Sierra Leone I visited four (4) villages where I was asked to preach in one of the towns on one of the Sundays I spent there.  In Sierra Leone, the villages are made up of Muslims dominated so one has to be fully involved with the Muslims to have them won to Jesus. Thank God the Muslims here are not violent and terrorists. I preached house to house and also from farms to farms; this time is the time of farming in the villages of both Liberia and Sierra Leone. In Sierra Leone I had 50 people to Jesus from my house to house or village preaching. In Liberia, I was able to visit 14 villages with five of my preaching points I had before. I was able to make one new preaching point with 68 new converts or people saved during the Liberia village mission trip.


 CHALLENGES: In the entire trip I had the following challenges, transportation, lodging and poor water system. Please pray for me to have access to transportation (to have a vehicle). Because of the lack of vehicle, I had a lot of squeeze in a public car that I used to travel for the driver or the owner of the car wanted to take more people to have more money. This squeeze will not allow you stretch your feet and hands properly which cause a block of blood flow and a contraction of muscles causing lot of pains. As you can see in the photo, the road condition is very bad especially in the rainy season (we are now in the rainy season); there are many towns and villages that cars cannot reach, so I have to use motorcycles at some points. There are villages that motorcycles cannot also reach that I have to walk on feet to reach the people that have not been reached with the gospel of Christ Jesus.

Also pray for my mother that is very sick that the Lord can heal her and raise her up on her feet. My mother is having blood pressure that has caused her have stroke, she cannot walk right now.

 Also pray for the six preaching points in the villages of Liberia that we will have land bought and have a shelter built for them to have places of worship. Right now they do not have a place of worship, although they are increasing in number in each of their Sunday worship. I am also planning a pastor training for both my church and the village ministry preaching points’ pastors. I need resources to get there again and do the training and a conference and crusade in the villages of Sierra Leone and Liberia in November this year.

Please also pray for the new established church in Sierra Leone to be equipped and to have all that is needed to keep growing as we have many Muslims joining the church at this time. They are in need of sitting accommodation and a sound system. They are having 15 orphans that lost their parents from the Ebola diseases.

 I am not too well, I have joint pains and a bit of malaria signs, I need your payers too on that.


A MISSIONARY FOR BIBLE PATHWAY MISSION LIBERIA: The Lord has provided a missionary or an Ambassador for this ministry with a heart of loving Africa to work for the Lord. Sister is our Missionary or Ambassador; we are blessed as she is blessed too.

SUNDAY WORSHIP IN MONROVIA: our Sunday worships have been so much powerful as we each time open our Sunday service with praises and worship, we fervently pray for the sick, our friends and many other prayer requests. Before the service we have 1 hr, 45munites Sunday school class. The Sunday school goes with teachings and questions where Bible verses are thought and the explanation of the main text or story as we call it. We have four classes, the youth, the children the dialect and the English class. We always have 78 attendants in each of our Sunday school. Our Sunday congregation is really increasing as we keep witnessing Jesus in Monrovia and around it environments. We have been increased to 200 members in our church.

The women of faith will gather each Wednesday night in the church and tarry there for the whole night, praying and worshiping. They have been praying for many prayer requests both local and international, if you have a prayer request kindly contact us at:


During each of their prayers, we will have women train on their roles in the church and in the growth of the church with their spiritual growth as believers in the Lord Jesus.