Discipleship conference(Maah Village) June 16-18th 2017

I give the Lord all of the praise and thanks for having  this discipleship conference hosted in villages I have been reaching with the gospel of Christ. It is one of the greatest faith of my ministry Bible Pathway Mission Liberia to reach the un-reached at all cost and share with  the gospel of Christ Jesus. We know that the world is coming to an end and Jesus is soon to return, we are at the edge of getting  out of here for judgement, we there need to have our brothers and sisters ready to get to heaven with the Lord.

I arrived in the village of Maah after sending information with the team I had on ground on the 15th of June, 20017. I had a walk in all of the 16 villages I brought people from to attend the conference. The roads are bad especially during this rainy season, we have roads like ponds  that cars that are not too strong can not reach or pass through. In the villages we did not use cars to travel, we used moto-bikes and many a times we walk from village to village informing many on the high ways and on their farms about the conference.

Indeed we thank the Lord many accepted to come and many came or attended. We have a number of 300 persons that attended the conference although were anticipated 100 persons to attend the conference. In the rain and many leaving or coming from far places came as early as possible for the conference. I saw that many want to receive Jesus Christ in those villages. I saw that in the villages, there is a hunger for the gospel and I saw a greater need for pastors and preachers of the gospel of Jesus. I saw a need for a place of worship to be built in those villages so that these people will be having frequent relationship or fellowship with the might God. The first day of the week we had a teaching on(………………), on the second day we had this………………….. and on the third day we also have the following teaching. Many were moved or touched and saved, we had some  confessing their sins to the Lord Jesus and asking for forgiveness and we also had some giving commitment of having a good fellowship with the Lord till he returns. Twenty men made them available to plant three churches within these villages but they need training a support to have lands bought and churches planted with those villages. There is a need to pray for them and to have help with Bibles, books and also some materials that will help them to be equipped for the work they have to do and for the calling that they have accepted.  During the conference also I was able to meet 15 orphans who their parents died off Ebola two years ago. I prayed for them and shared with the word of God. They are not going to school, and they are under poor parential support. They need to be helped by the Lord to have their destiny reshaped and to have them faithfully receive Jesus Christ. Please consider praying for them faithfully during personal time with the Lord.

The food was not enough for the congregation that was present on the conference. We had many going home without food. I have to buy food from  and come condiments for the food in Monrovia and have them transported there for these is no trading going on over there because many are afriad of traveling on bad roads. So many cars had accident on the way but I thank the Lord that because of your fervent prayers I was able to reach safely. I joint the public tranport car, it was so parked with people, I do not have a car for the mission outreach or in my ministry. We squeezed ourselves so much during the travel  but I thank the Lord I was able to also reach with the food safely.