During this village ministry I was able to identify the following project to help have the gospel quickly reach our nation Liberia and have churches planted. Liberia is a seven poorest country of the world; because of this we have poverty all over the country affecting the loves of many people from not accessing good or clean water, to hunger killing many children.

The project is titled as “Getting the gospel in the Diaspora through digging of wells". This project will bring thousands of village residents to Christ while hundreds of churches will be built recognizing the greater provision of the power of God, hence reducing the spread of Islam and increasing the Christian doctrines in those villages. This then will enable many to be saved for eternity as they  have good water to drink, places of worship and also our nation will become Christian nation where Christ will be lifted high above all other gods in the nearby future. Many of our people who are extremely poor in the villages nowadays rely on unsafe drinking water and still sleeping in cafes or under the huts which spear them not from rain hence they are possible to develop cold, malaria etc. This has cause a high increase of death and most especially deaths without Christ Jesus. Many are still fetching water from swarms water, rivers and streams to drink and to even take bath.

The execution of this project will involve the following objectives:

  • Digging of 20-30  wells in 50 villages
  • Medical aids for 100 villages
  • Training and supporting farmers in 50 villages that will help reduce hunger in our nation and churches.
  • Husbandry support and training in 50 villages that will also help reduce poverty and create banks for the poor in our nation.

Liberian villages are far apart and to reach each will have to take a walk or ride a motor cycle because of bad roads. Many people who reside in those villages do not have access to hospital, electricity, toilets and good water facilities. Many a time when we preach in these villages we find it difficult to travel because of the lack of vehicles or transportation. Most of the homes of the people there are built with grass and so many live in cafes like animals causing them to get  lot of diseases is also one of the many difficulties we face during any of our mission trips. Some villages are in the mountains while many others are in the forests. Many a time wild animals attack residents of these villages and have some killed. The government of Liberia is yet fighting to have roads fixed to reach towns and cities and as such the concentration is yet not of the villages. The churches are also more concentrated in the city Monrovia then in the towns and villages leaving the village dwellers without Christ Jesus and in the miserable condition.

The Islamic religion is sending missionaries to help reach towns with supplies for the people hence this and many others are helping them to have an increase in the spread of their belief among the people. It is my prayer that this project will start so soon that before the end of 2018, most of the targeted areas of the Islamic religion can be reached and can be touched with the gospel which will help our people to have Jesus Christ or the saving knowledge of Christ.

With this, 50 villages will be targeted at the first face of this project and there is an expectation of digging 20 to 30 wells. We are also expected to build 5 to 6 churches during this year with in this 50 villages and have 8 pastors trained to take care of the churches and the people we have preach the gospel to through this project. For each of the dug wells, two to three people will be trained about how to take of the well /water with some basic health training.

During this village ministry project, I wish also to see that villages or village dwellers are reached with medical aids as many of them are dying of malaria and some other diseases gotten from flies, and other insects. Some are dying from dysentery, cholera and diarrhea as there are no hospitals or clinic around them. During the Ebola crisis many people died in those villages because of the lack of medical aids. It is my prayers that 100 villages are reached this year in any of the village ministry trips with medication.


I want to say special thanks to all of you that have taken your time  to pray for this ministry and for my trip to the villages and to also support the ministry in any way you were able. I pray blessings in your homes.