REACHING VILLAGES FOR CHRIST, 13 to the 20  Feb, 2016

When we reach for Christ we have a gold scored, yes we have obeyed the greatest commission which is not an option but a mandate.  After a two days drive from Monrovia to Foyah, I have finally joined the motor bike to reach to some villages.  The roads are bad and narrow that at some places the motor bike will not reach but i have to walk on foot from one village to another.  Moving beyond the mountains and in the valleys for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

We have planned to preach and teach in 45 villages this year.  Last year we visited about 34 villages and we have established four preaching points.   There were about 12 villages that we should have established churches in. The four established preaching points do not have a building or structure to have church in.   In each of the four villages where the preaching points are, about 150 to 200 people come together and worship each Sunday.   As you can see in the following photos we are beginning to reach the far away and isolated places with Jesus and the Gospel.   Jesus gave the great commission, and it is not an option but a command.   A church should not grow with intensive principles but should grow with extensive expansion of the kingdom.    Jesus said that we should go all over the world with the gospel, this was commanded by Him.  This should be our passion as the church, to tell every creature of the Gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

There are thousands of people that are dying without Christ in our villages.   There is a fire growing in our hearts to have many souls come to Jesus.   Yes, it is our heart beat!   It will take 20 mission trips to visit all 45 villages. We give God the glory and all of the praise that we have a car now that can help take us to many of these villages without delay.   Our roads are very bad and many of them are not paved.   The trips are far and can be dangerous as we try to protect ourselves from cold and from attacks from Muslims and traditionalist.   In 2009, I was beaten and stoned and last year I was jailed but still here determined to keep preaching Jesus without hesitation.  I know that we will be persecuted as it is written in the Word and that we will suffer as Christ suffered.   I am even praying for the Lord to send me far off even into the Middle East to preach the word of the Lord.   During our village ministry trips, we will be reaching our beloved hands to the children, orphans, and the abandoned children, to widows, to the vulnerable people, and to the deformed people.  We would love to share with them, especially with clothes, shoes, housing, medication, bibles, etc.  We wish that we will not only touch them spiritually but also physically in realizing the blessing covenant keeping God in our lives.

These children need the best care, the best love as they have lost all of their parents during the war in Liberia.  I was able to share with them a little candy that I had for them during my village ministry in Liberia.  Many are without shoes, sick and completely hopeless.

Orphans and children visited through the village outreach ministry.  The need in Liberia is great as many children have been orphaned after the 15 year civil war here.  They need shoes, clothes, food, shelter and especially to be taught about Jesus Who loves them very much!

Baptizing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  I was able to establish about 3 preaching points in the villages I visited from  December 23, 2013 to January 4, 2014. We were about to baptize about 88 people.  They received Jesus that day and it was a great joy to the rest of the people there and to the surrounding villages too.

Sharing the gospel in town on Fridays.

Reading God's Word together.