My mission outreach trip to Freetown and the 

villages of Sierra Leone 25th-30th June 2018 


The revivals and conferences that were held in Freetown and the villages of Sierra Leone we had four thousand people that attended  of the conferences and 1723 persons attended the revivals. During this conferences and revivals the new converts that gave their lives to Jesus were up-to 2356 people and many among others were disciple. 172 people got healed during all of the services and 300 people were reached in our door to door preach Jesus in those villages. I want to therefore thank you all that prayed and supported this mission trip in the villages of Sierra Leone. Thank you for praying also for the travels we had from one point to another that I and my team were all safe during each of the trips.


As you all know, roads in Africa are always bad especially in the rainy seasons like this. The hired vehicle stacked many times in mud which delayed our quick arrival in Freetown on that day. To get to Bo, the second city of Sierra Leone, we have to sleep on the high way because we did not reach on time to have the ferry crossed us the river. That night we has a heavy down fall of rains that gave me much cold and much fear. We indeed slept in the car that night till 10AM o'clock the next day.

 See photos of the work that the Lord did through us in the photos here.