Outreach Missions for Conferences and Crusades and door-to-door preaching planned through the end of 2018 until the beginning of 2019.

	a. The October conference and door-to-door outreach in the villages of Sierra Leone and Liberia is scheduled for October 5th to the 15th, 2018.  This outreach will be for two weeks.  We are targeting to teach 3000 persons the teachings sent to me by Dad Duane and Minister Linda and also some other teachings that I have developed.  We are praying to have many more souls return to  Christ Jesus through these teachings and we will disciple 3000 persons to the glory of God.  As I am praying for an amount of $1500 dollars to have this mission outreach successful, join me in prayers for this mission outreach to be done in the name of Christ Jesus within this region.
	b.  The December crusade will be in one of the 300 villages in Guinea Conakry.  We are going to engage all of the 300 and more of the villages to have people saved.  I am believing God to reach 4000 - 5000 souls for Christ. In Guinea, we have Muslim dominated religion I am greatly wishing to help many come to the saving knowledge of Christ during this mission outreach.  I will be using the teachings of Dad Duane and also of Minister Linda on discipleship to reach these people.  I am praying to have this mission outreach done in March 2019.  As I am believing God for a provision  of $2400 dollars for this mission outreach, please join me in prayers to have this mission outreach done. 

Please consider praying to have  churches planted in the villages this  year or  for the people that we have preached to and have them converted  during the crusades and conferences  we had  there.
An amount of $1600 can be of good success to build a church in those  areas.   At all times we are trusting and believing God for a great open door to have three churches planted with in all these areas.  I know that every one will be praying along side with us for this great door opening.

 Always with a mission, heart for mission.....Jesus had it also.