The following are the projects we are undertaking in our ministry this year, 2014. We feel that when these projects are met, we can reach many souls, and hence our Lord will be glorified in Liberia as His desire is that we fulfill the great commission He commanded.

  1. To build the Samuel's Call International School for the children (just started construction - February).
  2. To complete the newly built church.
  3. To complete the toilette for the church (almost completed).
  4. To construct 200 chairs and 18 blackboards for 200 children in the church based school - Samuel's Call.


  1. CONSTRUCTING A FENCE AROUND THE CHURCH BUILDING IN RED HILL FIELD, MONROVIA, LIBERIA. The newly constructed church in the Red Hill field community was hit by flood last year and nearly left it fallen.  This caused last year for us to lose many of our church members and stopped hosting services for several Sundays. The flood disturbed our kids too that we could have lost a child in the flood during that flood period. The flood cracked the building walls and entered all of the church building leaving many of the church property like books damaged. It is indeed regrettable that the ministry/church is now even exposed to flooding that any time April to September this year may end up completely breaking the building if this flood is built.


If this fence is built around the church building, it will protect the building from cracking and falling and prevent the flood from disturbing the normal services in the church and the school going children from attending classes in the church building.  The flood here Monrovia is always protected by building fences around buildings Monrovia is surrounding with water.

This project will take place as stated in its title in the Red Hill Field Community, Lower Virginia, Monrovia, Liberia. The construction of the fence will take cements, rocks, sand and contractors etc.  If the fence of the church is not built the flood in April will not alone undermine the foundation of the church but it will disrupt many of our worship services or meetings which will have the propensity of stopping many of our members to attend mid- week and weekly services. This will indeed create a decrease of hope for Christ in their minds.  The cost of the building the fence around the church building will cost $1,784.00 USD.


Many a time, we find it difficult in hosting classes especially when they coincide with our meetings in the church building. Normally, we have three groups that meet in the church building in every week. We have been however taking our meetings in the building of one of our members which is boring for that family in many occasions. More beside, the number of the students is increasing all of the time in our school though it is based in the church building. An increase of classes will result to an increase of a big space which cannot be accessed in the church building that we have right now but have to build and extra building.

There is therefore a need to have an extension of the building or to have a separate building of the school that will help to have many children benefit from this program as it may take. Right now we have about 200 children in the building and we are expecting as it may take in the academic year to come a number of 400 children in the school. We need not to reject students or a child as for them the kingdom of God has come which is one of our greatest desires to have them trained and reached in the kingdom of God.

The foundation of the school has already been built as you can see in the photos attached or below.

This project will cost as attached on the annual budget an amount of:$3,850.00 USD.


The school building will be of six (6) classes or rooms in the piece of land that have been bought by the church in the past years. In this we will have all of the nursery and the elementary level, from the second grade to the sixth grade to enroll. The classes will be very big that will take about 30 to 35 children per class. We will have to purchase cements, planks, sand, steel rods , rocks, nails, Zink, etc and have mason contracted to  build the structure. Please see our newly church building below:

  1. CONSTRUCTING 200 CHAIRS & 18 BLACK BOARDS AND 18 PARTITIONS FOR THE 200 CHILDREN TAKING CLASSES IN THE CHURCH BUILDING IN RED HILL FIELD, MONROVIA, LIBERIA. The school based church in the Bible Pathway Mission is hosting 100 orphan children that daily struggle for sitting places, black boards and partition. As the scripture says that we should train up our children in the Lord for this is right and that when they grow from it they will not depart from it, we see it necessary in the midst of all of these struggles to have a school based church in our ministry today. In many of the Liberian public schools the government has counseled the study of Bible as they have turned the country in the constitution as a circular state. Many of the orphan children today have become loosed and are all in the street which is demanding the church in Liberia like ours to have school especially church based that the children will be trained not only academically  or career identifiably but also Godly or spiritually. The name of the school is Samuel’s Call Elementary school that is found or yet hosted in the church building, in Red Hill Field Community, Monrovia, Liberia.

 As a church, we only have some few chairs but Children would need a chair with a desk /head or arm chair that can allow them to write note. As many children of Liberia with a population of 171,431   are not in school because of no support while many are orphans, our church saw the urgency to have a school based church at this time to help these orphans out there enroll with no school fees. This has created lot of struggle in giving stipend to the teachers taking classes with these children. The church in which the school is, needs to be also partitioned the more which will allow us to have classes in the church hence with blackboards that will help teachers write to have the children clearly see and write from them.  As classes are going on right now in the church building, we have few partitions and some chairs that are not enough for students as many of the children are standing and taking classes while others write on their labs. There is therefore a need to have the following items to complete the project of the constructing of the chairs, blackboards and the partitions: Planks, Nails, Contractor, and Flatwoods. If the arm   chairs, black boards and partition are made for the children of the Samuel’s call Elementary school, children will easily have access to sitting accommodation to write notes or to learn their respective lessons. It  will also help teachers to write notes and present quality lessons to the students hence the partitioning will allow the children to have classes according to their level of studies which will point out their existence in a class that they belong to while in the church building.

  1. COMPLETING THE CONSTRUCTED CHURCH BUILDING IN RED HILL FIELD, MONROVIA, LIBERIA. Since the completion of the wall of the building we are exposed to air in any of our gatherings or worship service that we make. We cannot maintained many of our church and school property in the building for thieves or damage. Our few chairs and benches have been damaged and missing as we have no place to have them kept safely. More beside, we hardly host revivals in the church building because of mosquitoes and storms that blow through the windows and doors and send showers of rain in the building disturbing our both day and night worship. Our classes were once disturbed by storms and rain and nearly killed a child by one of the partition falling on him.

It is in this light there is a need to complete the church building by fixing the windows, putting the floor and have it electrified. It will reduce the cost of renting and embarrassment of safe keeping the church property. It will also allow the church members and the school going children not to be disturbed by the storms and the shower of rains and will protect the church property from thieves and from damage. The cost of the fixing of windows and putting of the floor is $2000.00 USD