We are praying and believing to have this written and presented to our many friends that could help with funding to have these projects carried out or done in the above year that Christ Jesus can be reached to those who have not heard about God so that their souls can be saved and they can access the kingdom of God after leaving this earth.



we started the work of the orphanage. Indeed the Lord provided some funds for us start with the foundation. We are now praying to have the walls up , the roofing, the plastering, the floor fixed, the doors and windows and painting to have these children a home.


we hosted one crusade and two revivals, I made three village ministry trips which resulted to starting two churches,  we have the central church plastered, we had orphans able to have education and ministerial training, we had two graduations from the kidergatten level, we had many souls saved to Christ Jesus. Our Sunday school lesson book is already to be printed out.



The project is “Getting the gospel in the Diaspora through digging of wells and building houses for the millions of village residence in Liberia". This project will bring thousands of village residents to Christ while hundreds of churches will be built and hundreds will have homes to reside recognizing the greater provision of the power of God, hence reducing the spread of Islam and increasing the Christian doctrines in those villages. This then will enables many to be saved for eternity and will also have good water to drink, places of worship and also our nation will become Christian nation where Christ will be lifted high above all other gods in the nearby future. Many of our people who are extremely poor in the villages nowadays rely on unsafe drinking water and still sleeping in cafes or under the huts which spear them not from rain hence are possible to develop cold, malaria etc. This has cause a high increase of death and most especially deaths without Christ Jesus. Many are still fetching water from swarms water, rivers and streams to drink and to even take bath.

The execution of this project will involve the following objectives:

  • Digging of 20-30  wells in 50 villages in Liberia
  • Building of 100 homes for homeless villagers in 50 villages in Liberia
  • Training and supporting farmers in 50 villages in Liberia
  • Husbandry support and training for the villages in 50 villages In Liberia

Liberian villages are far apart and to reach each will have to take a walk because of bad roads. Many people who reside in those villages do now have access to hospital, toilets and good water facilities. Many a time when we preach in these villages we find it difficult to travel because of the lack of vehicles or transportation. Most of the homes of the people in those villages are built with grass and so many live in cafes like animals causing them to get all kind of diseases. Some villages are in the mountains while many others are in the forests. Many a time wild animals attack residents of these villages and have some few killed. The government of Liberia is yet fighting to have roads fixed to reach towns and cities and as such the concentration is yet not of the villages. The churches are also more concentrated in the city Monrovia then the towns and villages leaving the village dwellers without Christ Jesus and in the miserable condition.

The Islamic religion is sending missionaries to help reach towns  with supplies of all kinds for the people hence this and many others are helping them to have an increase in the spread of their belief among the people in the villages. It is my prayer that this project starts so soon that before the end of 2016, most of the targeted areas of the Islamic religion can be reached and can be touched with the gospel which will help our people to have Jesus Christ.

With this, 50 villages will be targeted at the first face of this project and there is an expectation of digging 20 to 30 wells and building of 100 houses for these residents. We are also expected to build 5 to 6 churches during this year with in this 50 villages and have 8 pastors trained to take care of the churches and the people we have preached the gospel to through this project. For each of the dug wells, two to three people will be trained about how to take of well water with some basic health training.

We have mixed soil in Liberia, it is both sandy and clay soil or dirt soil. It will be 200 meters in some areas to access clean water. We will have digging materials such as diggers, shovels, draw-buckets, cutlasses, pinkerlines etc to have the each well proper dug. Each well may take two to three day to complete the digging. We will have to  fix a cover with concrete after the completion of the digging . We will put a fence around each well to protect the well and the lives of little children that may try to get around the well. Photos of the project will be taken and will be send through email, Facebook, website as report to donors.

 Funding is needed from other philanthropists that could come and monitor, but my church is able to provide men powers that could work even without pay to see that this project is able to meet its goals. To get these funds there is a need to extend our projects in the hands of other ministries, organizations that could help financially, materially or with missionaries that could come help in the building and training of the people. We will be accountable to each funded well that is been dug through sending reports and news letters via  Email, Facebook and our website.




Long ago it has been our prayers to have an orphanage built in Liberia for the many or thousand of orphans we do have n our country. Liberia has undergone much battle that has caused and increase of orphans in our nation today. The nation Liberia has gone through civil wars and Ebola disease. Each of these crises killed thousands of people and leaving the country in subject poverty.

Ten years ago, we had a war in our nation that sent many in refuge and many killed. Many parents were killed and many children were also killed. I remember an incidence where  mass killing took place and where parents, 20 family heads were flamed in fire in close doors and have the children out door looking at how their parents where burnt in the buildings. This horrific that indeed left so many children in our nation in trauma and abused.  After the war, few years later we were faced with a deadly diseases called Ebola again that killed mostly adults and left many orphans in our nation.  The Ebola disease was in Liberia in 2014 which the American government assisted us to have it fought out although we still have some few cases at this moment. Presently we have over 4000 orphans in Liberia and we are yet to take many in homes or care for many.

Many children are right now on the streets of Monrovia for lack of homes and proper care. I have taken in some of these orphans and have many of them in the school we have built for the ministry in Monrovia. Presently, the members of my church hosted these kids in their homes that is why we are fighting to a home for them as many of our parents are not quite able to sponsor them. I have 150 orphans in my school and the school is called Samuel's call International school which is built closer the church building.  

There is a need of school supplies to up keep the school running. There is a need of 150 chairs, eight blacks, book bags, shoes, uniforms, books and pencils or pens for the orphans. There is also a need of food to have these orphans  fed  and soap to wash their cloths and for them to take a bath. The school needs to be extended to a high school as we are yet operating in the elementary level.

funding is needed from other philanthropists that could come and monitor, but my church is able to provide men powers that could work even without pay to see that this projects is able to meet its goals. To get these funds there is a need to extend our projects in the hands of other ministries, organizations that could help financially, materially or with missionaries that could come help in the building. we will be accountable to each funded well that is been dug through sending reports and news letters via Emails, Facebook and our website.




Many people are yet in Monrovia and out of Monrovia without Christ Jesus. There is therefore a high need to evangelize this nation or city. Reaching out the lost will be our heart beat for Bible pathway Mission this year. Indeed we will be hosting  five (5) crusades in three different communities in Monrovia and in two different villages in Liberia and ten (10) revivals in ten different churches/ preaching points this year. We will also be having three months ( March, September and November) house to house reach of people with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are going to be visiting markets sites, schools, hospitals and prison homes during this time. We are targeting about 600 people that will give their lives to Jesus. This project will start in March and ends in November. There is a need of Bibles, tracts, funds for fuels for transporting us in longer distances, water and food for the team that will be on board for the work. We will be having a five to six teams that will be moving in missions, hence this will be the starting of our village ministry. We will be preaching, teaching in 45 villages this year. Last year we visited  26 villages and right now we have six preaching point waiting to undergo church building. These villages have never been reached with the gospel of Christ Jesus and many have not seen a bible nor have place of worship. In Liberia, the Gospel is only concentrated in the city, that is Monrovia while the villages are been engaged by Muslims who want to take over Liberia someday. This village ministry will be a wonderful trip as we know that the Lord is already opening doors to have all well done. Villages are far apart which we are praying to have a van that can help easily reach them also. We will also have a two day crusade in those villages, where we expect thousands of people coming altogether to have them prayed for and preached to.


The church building over the years has been  without good floor laid. As we can experience flooding all of the times within each year, the water get out from the church floor and make the place wet that we can be embarrass very greatly to host most of our services. To avoid this problems, we have come up with strategies to have a tiles laid as floor in our church building which will end with the building of the pulpit to enhance the preacher to have access to the audience during preaching of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

we do need Mable tiles that can not fade so soon and are strong to hold the ground firm. It will prevent the water from bursting through the floor to have the inside church building wet hence there will be no more embarrassment again during any of our worship times. We pray that the house of the Lord is made good and that we prevent the water entering the building during the flooding

Projects that are ongoing right now include:

  • Building of an orphanage,
  • Building of a pulpit
  • Hosting conferences and crusades
  • Planting of a new church around Monrovia