village Mission Outreach in Liberia (11TH AUGUST 2018)

The second to the last day of the conference resumed very early because of the rain that was up. It was amazing that God answered our prayers that  there was no rain that allowed many to attend this wonderful discipleship conference. Samie worked throughout the day and he was able to bring news of many who were  sick and needed prayers. We ended the teachings and we called on the people that needed Jesus. This time because 600 people attended the conference, we had 300 new converts that received Jesus as their personal Lord and savior. It is always wonderful to see many leaving the world to come to Jesus. These 300 babies or new converts stood up with total surrender to Christ Jesus, we prayed for them and set them free from the past life and submit them to the newness of life which is in Christ Jesus.
A total of 360 gave their lives to Jesus Christ  during this outreach in those villages for the first and the second day.

We indeed had prayer time with others during the ending of the service and  greater healing power descended among his people through which healing of all kind of diseases took place and many demon possessed were released out in the name of Jesus. This is one of the amazing conferences I ever had in this region of my nation. See photos above of today's conference and  service. Our last service is on the way which I will be heading back to Monrovia very soon.

Please join us in prayers to have funds needed to help these villages be able to have a place of worship so that they can grow in the Lord and have thousands of others who are yet to be saved to be receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior. See photos below of the activities  during the conference, from worship, reading the Bible  to feeding the people during the conference.

                                                                      Worship and Reading the word during this conference
                       Distributing food to participants during the conference

                                      Worship Time and Deliverance time during the conference

We thank you all for praying for the safe arrival at the villages for this wonderful discipleship conference of which we met all arrangement ahead of us very wonderful done and all in place. Brother Sammie who has been much engaged had done much of the arrangements that this outreach is successful. 

We had our first conference today and we had 500 persons in attendance which at the end of the conference we had  60 persons that got saved and many deliverance took place, cast out of demons and many got healed which we  believed have made this region to all know about the power of God and how every one needs him.
 We have to rent a place to have people together for service in this village at this time.  It's raining heavily here, so people can't be under trees or outdoor for service. Please pray that we have good weather today for  service, this will allow people to leave their villages afar and come on time for this service. We also have to rent a generator to help us with light in this African tent we have rent.