Bible Pathway Mission-Liberia, is a non-profit missions outreach, teaching & discipling ministry; serving as a catalyst and support to encourage and create spiritual hunger and growth among non-believers, believers and churches seeking a deeper, more meaningful walk with the Lord with a special emphasis in the areas of renewal, prophetic, physical healing, and intercessory prayer , and moving in the supernatural; primarily by means of short term mission trips, classes, seminars, writing, publishing, private internet discussion forums or sharing the Gospel by internet.


The ministry in Liberia started as Bible studies on my small porch with only three people in 2006 May the 5th. We had only one old Bible that was completely torn that many chapters and books were missing. We worshiped for several weeks on that porch and later were asked to move to the place of one of our converts. He gave us an opened area horse stable upon which we hosted our services.

When we moved, fourteen people joined us and we suggested starting Sunday worship. Whenever we got together, we sang songs and read the Bible and help others with explanations. Many more people joined us and in all of our worship we felt the presence of God and the wisdom of God helping us to move more forward in ministry. However, we were disturbed in many of our worship moments by children and adults. They would stone us with stones and asked us to be quiet saying we are causing too much noise for them. We were provoked and I remember one of our members being beaten by one of them one day after our service.

Some months later, I was asked to move from the apartment I was renting and I had a place which was far away from our place of worship. This helped us to be blessed. I long looked for a place that we could start our worship but I did not find any as we never had money to rent a place. I prayed a lot as the small number of members were scattering and we had little or no time to fellowship again. I was blessed to meet an old man that helped us with a place to start worshiping there. We brushed the place and put on an African tent with palm stashes. We had a very difficult moment on all of our service times as the rain could not stop coming. The rain caused our tent building to leak and storm could easily break it apart hence scattering us in most of our service times. I had worked all days from cleaning the place, singing, praying for the people to preaching and teaching the word of God. I felt tired before the service could be over on each of the Sundays. More people joined us although we suffered during the rainy season many a time. Our Bibles and children got wet when it rained and storm could easily scatter us during many of our worship services.

During that time we started Bible Reading Marathons, discipleship and creating programs such as Bible studies, children ministries and marriage awareness programs for many of our brothers and sisters. Liberia suffered from a 15 year civil war creating poverty and many children without parents could be seen on the streets of Monrovia. We have seen that many lost their hopes for Christ as many churches were destroyed during the war. I saw that we had more work to be done. We changed the tent building many a times as the bogs ate the materials we used to construct the tent. It was not our place for we were only there for a moment and we had no money so we could not build any permanent structure on the place we were given.


Indeed we could not last long there, for the owner sold the land to another person without informing us. I remember one Saturday when I was told not worship on that land as it was already sold in the hands of the Muslims. It was a terrible moment for me as by then we had no other place to worship or to assemble. Many people dropped out again and we thought of begging the owner but she would not listen to our quest. Because of her demand for us to leave, we could not assemble for more than five Sundays until we were able to find another place upon which the church building is today.


During the finding of this ministry I and my wife Jessica went through many difficulties. We were hated and beaten by people especially those who did not love Christ Jesus. Many a time we were denied lodging, medication and food. We became so discouraged that we taught that in all these things, it was so good to share the suffering of Christ Jesus. My wife stood with me so strong, especially in prayers for more wisdom and endurance for the work of the ministry.


Through the encouragement of Karen Hawkins, we started to host Bible Reading Marathons around Liberia, say in nine of our sixteen counties. Although we withstood many difficulties but we have been able to host nine marathons in those nine counties. Difficulties such as transportation has greatly hindered the reach and continuation of the Bible Reading Marathons in the other counties and the ones that we once hosted for several others.  


Moreover, today the personal contribution of Karen Hawkins and many other friends have made us to have a well built home church in Monrovia which we have named Bible Pathway Mission-Liberia, Inc. The church is yet undergoing completion while we now have a church based school with orphans and we are training them to identify their call in the work of the ministry. Our church is made up of widows and orphans and we have scheduled for our Bible Reading Marathon now only in Monrovia and not in the counties because of the lack of transportation.  Over the years we have received hundreds of Bibles through Karen Hawkins, our friend in Liberia with lots of encouragement and prayers for the reaching of the word of God to the un-reached or to hundreds of people in Liberia.

Today we have a home church constructed by the help of many of our friends. We are to remember many of our other friends who made contributions and prayers for the church in Liberia. Although we have not yet completed the building of the church, we are now worshiping in the building. We also have more work to be done around the church building as you can see under the photo gallery menu.

We preach the gospel wherever we go: in the streets, prisons, hospitals and any village we travel to or through.

We give God the glory for doing what he said he will do. It is our prayers that we reach and save many more souls in our nation and even around the world. And we pray for many more people to come and help expand the ministry as a command from the LORD!


Presently, Bible Pathway Mission Liberia is a ministry that has the following ministries: education, church planting, short term outreaches (village ministry), orphans outreach programs (children ministry). We have a home church planted in Monrovia, We have three lands of property separately in Monrovia. On one of the lands, we have a church and school planted, on the other two lands we have ongoing building of pastoral and missionary lodge, and an orphanage on the other land.  We have 200 members in our home church which is made up of three Sunday school classes.  Presently, we are having 65 orphans that we are catering to, we are educating them both academically and spiritually to become missionaries, pastors and useful people in our society.


Bible Pathway Mission Liberia is having a vision of going out in the world to preach the gospel. We will reach the unreached and underprivileged and those with extreme poverty with the gospel. In short, we are a ministry with a heart of reaching Africa with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by building an effective national team of fivefold ministry leaders and other committed Christians who will be totally committed to fulfilling the Great Commission under this ministry (Matthew 28: 29- 20) and the great commission commandment (Mathew 22:37-39) with integrity and accountability. It is our prayer to be able to make disciples, educate orphans or children of Africa and it is our prayer to equip the church and the build the faith in the church to be ready for the second return of Christ Jesus. 


Presently we are involved in doing the following projects: building orphanage and pastor’s and missionary Lodge, training leaders, orphans education, village ministry and planting a church. It will be a blessing to have your assistance in reaching the people of Liberia with the gospel of Christ or in the above needy way.



It is with prayers that we are sure we can reach this far; it is also through the support of others, both financially and spiritually. It will be a blessing to have your help reached the people of Liberia. We therefore cannot do anything without the help of God, we need him to stand ahead of us in that we do and it is our prayers that God will speak to you to be of any help in a little way ha you can.


**If you want to know me better or you are in doubt about me, please ask for my references.  We value your communication very much when we are in partnership with you.  Please stay in touch always, as it is so good to pray for one another as we listen to one another and build up the body of Christ.**