This is one of our Sunday services in 2018

      We have many teachings in our church.

Bible Study


We will be training pastors in our ministry as we deem it necessary to have the trained pastors in the established churches that we are establishing in these respective villages. These pastors will help organize these churches and win many more souls hence making the church to grow spiritually and physically. We will be having about 10 pastors training conferences and our target is 10 to 20 pastors should be trained in this year. The training will include our church leadership training in Monrovia and properly organizing the departmental heads in the church. Our training will not be theological but will be helpful in the basic way of interpreting scriptures by picture ideology presentation.


One of the crusades where many lives were saved.

These two pictures together comprise the souls that were saved in a revival.

Pastor studying God's Word.

Pastor Philip preaching the gospel.