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I am in the first place the son of a pastor born in a very small village in Liberia, West Africa. My parents who were ministering out of this country introduced me to Jesus at the age of nine. But during the war in Liberia and in the country that they were ministering, Sierra Leone, I lost in contact with them until after the civil war.

Personally I felt that Jesus is God and that my family should be submitted to Him.. During these times I started singing, playing drums, teaching the Sunday school and interpreting my father's dialect when preaching in English.

Before my high school graduation in 2000, I was baptized in 1985 and I was encouraged by my parents to further my studies in the Bible College in which I obtained an associate degree in theology in 2000-2003. After my graduation about three years passed, I received my call from the Lord for ministry. This happened to me personally which made me to drop the idea of being academically educated in an educational department. Afterward, I ended in the senior class and I was awarded a statement of result for a Higher Teacher’s certificate in 2005.

After I received my call I was assigned to assist a pastor in the Assemblies of God church during the time we were in refuge in Guinea, one of our neighboring countries. During these times I developed my skill practically and God spoke to me, Pastor Joshua you need to share your faith that you have received to someone. I asked God, how will I do this? He told me to start laying hands on the sick and preaching the Gospel. It was during this time I realized properly the call of God in my Life. In 2004 and 2005, God used me mightily during one of our youth’s revivals to heal many people and to expose the works of the devil greatly in that region. That day many came to Christ and many received the five fold gifts of the Holy Spirit so much that the church took that entire region. I am much thrilled in the Lord for that power He gave me that time and even now.

My personal passion is reaching the un-reached as a command from the Lord Jesus Christ and that there is a need to rush to many, one at a time from dying without Jesus Christ.

He took me in 2006 from my village to Monrovia the capital of Liberia where I had no house, no land no job and no relative and told me to build a church. I meant plant a church or a house of worship for him, for the people of Monrovia had left the truth and they are now building satanic alters in the church which has caused an increase in the Muslim religion so rapidly. Indeed I can see many people sick these days, some are demon possessed and many are broken in the heart and all of them are still waiting even now, for the grace and anointing of God on them that they will be loosed from this bondage. I never doubted for I had known His voice but my wife doubted, as we have none of the above things that could sustain us. I over came her through the testimony I had from God some years back.

At the initial stage we had no land or place of worship. We started to worship at the house of one of our newly converted members. Our worship was hosted in an open air where children and others disturbed us greatly during service. Some threw stones at us while in service and on several occasion wounded some people. In 2007 we were given another site to have a temporay building, which was made with riffs, tarpaulins, African mats and sticks. The site was not ours, we promised to leave at any time the owner would be ready to build.

 When  we moved from this place, we started  worshiping in an African Booth(tent) made of sticks, African mats, and zinc on our new site with a congregation of  25 people; yet the congregation was daily increasing as such there was an urgent need to start and  complete the building of  a new church home. This place was very bad to stay for few minutes especially in the rainy season. Many a time during our worship hours, we were driven by the rain as it made us and the Bibles wet and our babies very sick. We left that place when we were forced by the owner as she never wanted church on her land by the law. I was frustrated as to how and when again could we would manage toreceive a piece of land and have a tent constructed after this one was broken without our notice.

Today we have completed the building a home church and now we are worshiping in that church.We have also established an elementary school in the past four months. We started with 75 children from grade ABC to grade five (5). We now have about (8) eight voluntary teachers and it is our aim to have these children in ministry to become pastors, evangelists, prophets etc.

To God is the glory in all these things as we move around our nation with the message of the cross that the lost will come to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. We appreciate your prayers as to how the Lord will continue with us in the journey that we have taken.

We are also hosting conferences, crusades, revivals and planning to have a Bible college in Liberia. We are also worshiping in the new building every Sunday and hosting Sunday schools with Bible studies on every Wednesday. We are planning planting another church in time to come.


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