The main reason now for the cause of an increment of the orphan’s number in Liberia is the Ebola crisis. Liberia has been declared Ebola-free, but the virus has taken a lasting toll on children in this West African nation who lost their parents to the deadly disease. There are over 4,500 boys and girls across the country that have become orphans because of Ebola. A number of 2200 boys and 2372 girls have been identified by our ministry orphans outreach  are orphans because they have lost their parents during the Ebola crisis.

One of the challenges Ebola orphans and affected children face is educational support. Many Ebola-affected children live in rural Liberia where it’s difficult to travel to and from school. The orphans also face psychological trauma as they are no longer able to see their parents or closely relatives for in one family all the members were swept out because of caretaking. Each that took care of another died because touching an Ebola patient with bare hands cause transmission.  Other challenges include shelter and caretaking. Some as they don’t have a home they end up in the hands of people who take them as their bread winners and rejecting them support to go to school while many others are yet on the streets especially in the rural areas because they lack a care taker.

Even though we had started the orphans outreach before the Ebola, orphans were many in Liberia because of the civil war and other conditions. Our ministry passion has always been to make a home for them and have them to school. We have 100 of them right now we support through education while they sleep in the church building on mats or cloths. Our greatest need is to have a home for them which the Lord has provided a land on which we can build the home.  We wish you considerably pray with us to have these funds to start and end this project. We also cater for other orphans in the rural areas by helping with little school material because we are not equipped to help in all of their needs. I buy books and pencils to help them at the beginning of the school year. Please also pray with us for the payment of school fees for these children because teachers that teach these children will need compensation for that. A child school fees is $65.00 USd per semester in the schools that they attend.

If these children are cared for by having a home and sponsored with education through our ministry we see it feasible to have destined in Christ Jesus as they will become missionaries, pastors or evangelist in the years to come. We teach them not only academic education but about how to preach, evangelize, sing and worship God. We anticipate an open door to help these children become Christ like people in their future.

Today, many of our children in Liberia are orphans. There are many of them in the street selling for others who do not care for their lives. During the 15 year civil war in Liberia, many of the children suffered, some died and some were left orphans. It is our passion to help them know and feel that they have a Father who cares for them and who can help improve their lives. We are training them in the way of the Lord, teaching them to identify their call in the work of the ministry.  We are training the children to become Pastors and missionaries for the work of the Lord. We started with 45 children, 19 boys and 26 girls that we have  from grade ABC to grade five (5).  We  are catering with these kids or orphans right now, from paying their school fees, purchasing their uniforms, shoes/cloths, feeding them and helping with their medication.

Right now we are having 65 orphans and 45 are with us at my house. We are fighting to build a home for them but we are yet without funds to do that. We are therefore having 19 boys and 26 girls from the 45 orphans we now have with us. The balance 20, we have 15 girls and 5 boys, these children are staying with our church members who are having a compassionate heart as we do.The ages of the boys are from 5 years to 14 years while the girls are the same from 5 years for 15 years.



The Foundation of the orphanage has been started.-Pastor Travis. 


It will be a blessing for any of you that are led to help these kids  with the following:

For a child, you can sponsor:

1. School fees.................................. $65.00 dollars (USD), per semester which ends for five months each academic school year.

2. School Uniforms...........................$55.00 dollars (USD), yearly for schooling 

3. Cloths including shoes.................... $200 USD Dollars, yearly

4. Feeding......................... for  one child, $100.00 USD Monthly

5. Medication................... $150.00 USD, Monthly

Presently we have started building an orphanage although now the children are staying in my house and in the church. we have started with the foundation of the building, we need funds to put up the walls and a the roof to have these kids a home to stay. Please ask pastor Joshua to let you know what fund is needed for the completion of this building .

You can also put in for adoption, when I am consulted, we will work on this through the government of Liberia to have the child turn over to any one that may be interested of adopting a child through my ministry. Children that are supported by any donor, will be able to be in contact  with them, they will communicate with them either via phone or email. This ministry will be committed to catering for these kids or orphans as that is the purpose God is calling us in this works.







'NAME: Mary Sahr,

AGE: 4 Years

One of God's beautiful masterpieces!

NAME: Amie Tamba,

AGE: 7 years

We must become as innocent little children to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

NAME: David  Hallie,

AGE: 7 Years

God loves him, He created him. 


These little kids are orphans, selling on the streets for people that don't love them, they are just using them.  They sell beans, fish, water whatever they want them to sell.