The music department in our church.

Little drummer boy!

Pastor Philip can keep a beat, God has given him many talents in addition to preaching the gospel.  He sings, plays drums and the sasa.

This is a creek close to the church and our houses.

Mrs.Joshua wading water to get to the church.  We had a problem with water coming into the church and are hoping to have a fence built around it to help keep the water out.

Pastor Philip wading the high water.  The church building cracked and the floor burst open causing water to flow through the church in 2013.

The children wading water to get to school which at this time is in the church.  The children were trapped inside the church for four hours last September 2013.

Water covers every thing sometimes in September.

Below are some pictures of animals and nature of Liberia

This is a craw-fish in Liberia! Pastor says, "God made all things so let's eat!"



Huge termite mound

Jankaranda, we use these for its oil, it is good for the intestine lining.

Reaching two thousand people in the villages with the gospel of Christ Jesus