2019-2020 School Year!


The Samuel’s Call International School is an orphan and mission based school that focuses on the reshaping or molding of the minds of children both academically and spiritually so that they will become important people in our nation Liberia. The Lord spoke clearly in my mind to help children that lost their parents during the Ebola crisis in Liberia in 2014-2015 when I saw that children who were in the streets of Liberia are greatly in need of help. After the Lord called me and strengthened me to have a church planted or established in Monrovia, he also gave me the courage to build a school through the help of many so that I can help these children through education programs. Even though the school is yet to be finished; we do not have windows, doors, ceiling and good floor on the school we have been helping many children since 2013. Indeed our school has been in existence for seven (7) years. Our school runs from nursery to the sixth grade class or elementary division. We are grateful to the Lord for helping us to be able to help these orphans.

Though our economy keeps worsening day and night in in this nation that the prices of things are skyrocketing, we managed to have a successful academic year 2018/2019. We want to thank our partners in ministry for their great support towards these children education. We have been blessed to meet friends of like mind who want to reach hands in making these children smile over the year that we are able to have a successful graduation today. During the graduation, we always exercise talent show in dancing, recitations of memory verses, preaching, prayers, speeches, quizzing competitions and many among others. We also offer gifts to children in the form of encouraging them to keep their hearts on education and also to keep focus on Jesus Christ. You see our YouTube link and live Facebook recordings to know more about what these children are doing through the grace of God given to us to help train these children at this time.


The graduation of our school this year took place in July 21st 2019. We will soon start our new academic year; it will commence in September 2019. See photos of our graduation program below. Thanks for praying for these children and supporting them in any way the Lord will lead you.  



THE VILLAGE SCHOOL PROJECT: We started this year, 2018 a school in the villages when we found out that there are many orphan children that are not going to school  and that there is a need to also help them to know God. Our aim and objective is not only to see orphans have good education and a good future or destiny but to see that the children of Liberia and Sierra Leone will be helped or reshaped to a better life especially in becoming children of God and people that will bring the lost to Christ Jesus in the future. The photos below are the project of making benches for the children and some of our village school children. we have children that are going through force labor, force marriage and human/ child trafficking in those villages. We have rented a house for two years in which these children are enrolling and it is our prayers to have a school built for them. It is in our minds to reach to those children that are orphans and to help them have hope and a good future in Christ Jesus. in this village school, we have four(4) teachers that we have employed to teach the children and we pay them every month. It will be a blessing to have you help us in any way you can. You can contact us to know how you can form part of this help or movement. You can put a laughter on a child's face, please contact us in the contact menu for more information.

                                                                                                   Our Village School




OUR WORKS IN 2018/2019

The Samuel's Call International School which is based in Monrovia, started a new school year with 100 children of which 45 are orphans. 2018/2019 school year will be a great and wonderful year of helping these orphans and many more children in our nation. we are with a heart beat of reaching help to man children as Liberia is right now facing serious economical crisis. We know that we have many orphans in the street of Monrovia that need to be educated, sheltered and medical aids, not forgetting feeding. Yet we respond to those cases as the Lord opens the doors for our ministry. Right now we have taken the initiatives of paying 6 to 7 of our teachers and caring for 100 children of which our school run from first grade to 7th grade at the month.

FEEDING THE CHILDREN: We have been longing and praying to have people or charity organization come in to help us with the lunch of these children but we have not yet been able to have any help. how ever in our own week ways we have started doing some feeding for these children in our ministry while they in school. At this time, the feeding is happening seldom which we are asking for prayers to be able to have food for them regularly.


The Samuel's Call International School had her final school closing and graduation of the nursery and elementary division on the 15th of July 2018. It was a successful year of having these kids (orphans) trained in the Lord and preparing them to become Godly people with a heart of changing our world or nation Liberia. This school is a mission school catering to the orphans and other children that are part of the children ministry of Bible Pathway Mission Liberia. We are strongly involved in the molding of the lives of the orphan children that had their parents killed during the Ebola crisis in 2014-2015 to become destined in Christ Jesus as they also grow well in their academic works. It is our prayers that these children will become pastors, missionaries or ambassadors of Christ to help reach the gospel to the lost and dying world. This school started in 2013 after the church leaders had a meeting on the reshaping the lives of the children of Liberia(our ministry). These children of the school form a part of the children ministry at Bible Pathway Mission Liberia. In training them, we are planning programs such as SEWING and COMPUTER BIBLE STUDY for them in the subsequent time to come or in the future.  During this program children were involved in following activities: Reciting the national anthem of Liberia, Spiritual Talent show, academic talent show, graduation,  praise and worship and preaching. in both the spiritual and academic talent show, the kids were involved in dancing, singing, prayers, spelling contest, debate on  man hates God against god loves man, poems, recitations, stories etc. We many a time help the people and some parents to know that we are not only to have our children grow in academic achievement but is is our desire and passion that these children grow in the Lord and become instrument for the Lord, especially in saving the lives of those that are perishing. Children as old as five were able to talk about Jesus, they were also able to tell some one one about Jesus in a short presentation, many were able to demonstrate cable of praying for themselves and bold enough to recite as many Bible verses during this program. It was indeed a blessing to be part of this program and to work with these children all this while, for they are so much loving, funny and much encouraging. The graduation was only for the nursery division..

Our orphan outreach is reaching the villages of Liberia. There are two outstanding reasons we have in Liberia to have our ministry get involved with orphan ministry: there are lot of orphans in Liberia because of the civil and the Ebola crisis that happened in this nation and left thousands of orphans. The Bible Pathway Mission through Samuel's Call International school is reaching out hands of Love to those orphans through outreaches and praying to have the orphanage completed to have these kids a home. we have already started with the foundation and the walls of the building through the support of some friends that the Lord led to us. However, we have started these children through education as you can see in the photos below.







                                                      GRADUATING CHILDREN WITH CERTIFICATES



The Samuel's Call International school had her finals school closing and  graduation of the nursery class on the 3rd of July, 2016. It was a successful year of having these kids nurtured in the Lord and preparing them to become Godly people with a heart of changing our world or nation Liberia. This school is a mission school catering to the orphans and other children that are part of the children ministry of  Bible Pathway Mission-Liberia. The school is training kids in  academic works and spiritual works which include, preaching, singing, praying and reading the word of God. We train these kids in the Lord mostly and we empower them much with the word of God that they will be able to reach the lost friends in and out of the communities they may live. Below you will see the photos of  closing and graduation for this year.



We do not have funds to feed our children during school hours and do not have funds to pay our teachers like wise. If the Lord is leading you to help in any way you can, it will be a great blessing to these little ones.

  WORKS FOR 2014 TO 2015 We

have been holding classes in our church with black boards as petitions between class rooms.  The government has shut down our school many times.  We are proud that we are now starting to build a separate building just for the Samuel's Call International School.  Training children that are already in ministry.  These little kids are just 5 - 14 years old and can become pastors, evangelists, prophets and so the name of the school is "Samuel's Call International School."  Please help us bring a child up in the Lord and save many souls in so doing.


Playing a game with Jesus!


                                                                                              TAKING TEST


School in the first church ( morning Devotion)

           Something to eat.

Pastor and teachers and Samuel's Call International Students Hiking Ministry These  kids have been trained and they  have shown out their gifts of becoming evangelist for the ministry. We have identified that they are able to do book hiking around our community and other communities at large. As you can see in the photo below, we are giving the Gospel books to them to freely distribute in our communities in Monrovia. Books that are donated to our ministry are of a great blessing to us and the communities around. For the past years the Bible Pathway Ministries have been sending Bible Pathway commentaries to Liberia and many people have developed an interest in reading them.  Through these commentaries and gospel books many souls have been saved and become disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. We therefore call this ministry the Hiking Ministry. It is a joy as many more stories are developed in the coming days. If you have Gospel books, commentaries, tracts, or bibles and can donate them for free distribution in Monrovia,  we appreciate them so much!

Going out to the communities i the Hiking Ministry.

The First Graduation


Graduating students with their certificates.  The graduation started with joy from the community as the children marched past saluting and reciting the national anthem of Liberia.  They sang the school code song too.

The School Code Song:

God has called us to fulfill His purpose, God has called us to fulfill His purpose.  To be missionaries, to be pastors, generation changers, our world we impact, to help our nation to know God, that we are called to be who He called! We are here to tell the world it is time, Jesus will take over, the world will be ours, sin will be nor more, Christ will be our hope, that we are called to be the light in the world.


We appreciate the people that have the passion to work with these children to contribute to their education and training. Samuel's Call International School is working to help children be in ministry, to become missionaries, pastors and teachers and to be saved from the world and to help preach the message of the cross to the dying world.  We are working with children from all nations and tribes, orphans and street children to help mold them to become changers of our nations.  We are training them to replace the leaders of the church so that the message we preach today can be sustained throughout this world.


  We prayed for their futures as they graduated this year, July 7, 2013.  It was wonderful to see them demonstrating their gifts and talents as they were taught.  Some of them prayed, sang, recited poems, speeches and many more things as well.  Pastor Philip loves these children so much.   

**Please continue to pray for these children as they begin to work for the Lord.  We need your continued support and additional support is needed as well for their education and well being.**

Details of  2013 School Graduation: click here